Who I am

Thomas Geßner

Thomas Gessner, Theologian (Diploma), Constellation Facilitator (DGfS)

I was born 1964 in Halle (Saale), Eastern Germany. I am a proud father of two outgrown children, since 2011 I live in Berlin . For twenty years I served as a reverend, busy with soulcare and teaching for all kinds of people.

Meeting systemic constellation work I immediately longed to learn it. Wilfried Nelles became my teacher, later on Heinrich Breuer and Jan Jacob Stam, too. Now I’m a teacher of constellation work by myself, trying to pass on what I got to my clients and students.

In 2011 I dropped my career in Lutheran Church and started a living as full-time constellation facilitator, counsellor, teacher and author. Life seems to hold and to feed me by this work, and I feel fine. I love what I do, it is a blessing for myself and hopefully for others, too.

Leave me a line, I’d be glad to see you.

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