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I am a german constellation facilitator, counselor and teacher. Doing this work in English, too, turns out to be a great pleasure for myself. So I feel honored to offer constellation work in two directions: in a systemic way I am working with family constellations, symptom constellations and business constellations. The life-integration-process (invented by Dr. Wilfried Nelles) leads on a more existential way beyond the systemic approach. It sets up a face-to-face meeting with your own inner being.

Systemic constellations are useful to open your eye and your heart for the branchy net of inner dependencies working out in an issue, a symptom or a current crisis. You may find a way to deal with them in more peace and relaxation, wether in your personal life or in your business. This work considers the effects of the unconscious dependent love that has been enabled all of us to survive until now and, simultaneously, seems not to be aware of the very fact that we did it, that we are truly alive. It’s hard to overestimate the impacts of this kind of blind love and the power of relief as well, if it is clearly seen and acknowledged here and now.

The life-integration-process (lip) reveals your status quo in the very moment, alongside with your current way of covering, protecting and, perhaps, depressing it until now. This work will allow you to relax with your former and younger selfs (embryo, child, youth) and with their experiences, by seeing them openhearted. You will experience yourself as alive and safe in the now. You may face your own inner being, challenged by the call of your own life and empowered to follow it now. The life-integration-process is a modern initiation into your own adult being, providing long lasting relaxation-effects for your everyday life and your relation to yourself.

Constellation work in general focuses on the underlying and most often unconsciously working dynamics that determine the relationships to others and to yourself as well in your personal life and in your business. Constellations serve you like a mirror that reflects your inner life relying to your current issue. You may see what now wants to be seen, what wants to be an official part of you because of it belongs to you, what makes you more whole and by this way more peaceful and powerful. Constellations serve your aliveness.

So, feel free to leave me a message or to give me a call. I’m looking forward to see you. 



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