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The lucky difference between presence and past

I do constellation work, counseling and teaching in service of the aliveness or vitality inside each man or woman who finds me. Therefore I focuse on a seemingly simple difference, the difference between the NOW of my clients, which normally is safe and fine here in my consultation room, in my workshops or trainings, and the PAST of them, which they may have experienced as a particularly scaring, disturbing and deadly threat. Constellation work in general and the iife-integration-process in special are like made for not only perceiving this difference, this resolving „It’s over, and I’m alive“, they help to feel it, to experience it inside our whole body, to realize it, to incarnate it.

As far as we succeed in experiencing the difference between our present now and bygone our past we begin to see what our problem, symptom or crisis are working for. None of them ever was our enemy. These things are servants of the soul intending to lead us into our own wholeness, our original inner being, our natural strength and power. My task as a constellation facilitator sounds simple enough, too: I am the anchor to the present moment, because the present moment is the only really safe point if you are up to face your inner demons or any thing of some imprtance for you. If we manage to stay connected with the present moment, you may find out soon how your demons were your angels all the time. Our demons are nothing more than life-saving patterns that have had their time in our past or in the past of our families.

That’s quite a nice forecast, isn’t it? Leave me a line, if you want to do yourself a favour by taking some steps towards your own aliveness. I’d be glad to see you. 



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