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What constellation work teaches me about life, my clients and myself.


I see how every human beeing contains all he needs to be alive in himself. Otherwise he would have passed by. I see how the present moment offers all we need. Otherwise we would pass by, too. Both are the same.

I see how people, like myself, too, start to suffer and to loose power if we say „no“ to the current way life leads us. Life urges us into a particular form or way or situation or whatsoever. Life does it every time in ourselves, with ourselves, and through ourselves.

I see how the suffering comes to an end if one begins to follow the alifeness inside himself, if one begins to surrender himself to his life without knowing where it will lead him. I see how the life walks us from every single moment to the next.


I see how the life simply happens to me and other people. Wo don’t have the possibility to contribute to or to take away from life one crucial thing. It happens inside us, with us and through us without asking for permission. I happens in the alifeness of every single being and nowhere else.

I see how the life happens for us. It feeds and holds us. At the same time it throws things into our path they challenge our alifeness or, in other words, cry for solution. So life itself forces us to follow our alifeness every new day.

I see how every crisis, conflict or symptom works in order to point towards our alifeness, like a traffic sign of life itself. Those often painful things lead us into forgotten realms of our alifeness in order to make us whole. This way life appears mercyless and friendly alltogether. There is nothing else to do but surrender.


I see how other people, like myself, too, are an expression of love, how blind or covered this love ever may be. Every time when I was allowed to have a closer look at particular people I never found another motivation but love, what ever they may have thought, felt or done.

I see there is nothing wrong with other people as well as with myself. All our doing, feeling or thinking happens, deep down, out of love, even if our own feelings, other people’s judgement or a collective perspective speak against this.

I see how life never stops creating a particular shape or form throughout our own beeing. It urges everyone of us into a new and unique form or task. As long as we follow it, we will live quite well and happy, within our strength and in peace with ourselves.“

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